In an interview with the club’s official website, Manchester United’s new aid Cavani talked about his exchanges with Solskjaer, his contribution to the team, and other topics. He said: “The support of Solskjaer inspired me to use Experience helps young people at Manchester United."


"I have already had a conversation with the coach, and to be honest, this is indeed an encouragement to encourage me to come to Manchester United. I think that with the support of the coach, it is always very positive for the players."


"Currently, I am busy training at home because I need to abide by the rules and be quarantined after entering the UK. As I said before, I am very eager to join the team and I want to train with my teammates as soon as possible. With these, I can be recruited when the coach needs it."


"We are mainly talking about spiritual topics, talking about how to prepare for each game, about what the game is, about the discussion of important things in the team. It can be said that we have a lot of topics in common in the discussion process. the opinion of."


"Including topics such as self-sacrifice, commitment to teammates, creating a competitive spirit, thinking from others, and full competition. These are things I like and appreciate. I think when we have the same views on these topics, you will I want to join the club as soon as possible. Then try my best, train hard and prepare in the best way."


"I really hope so! I hope I can achieve a lot, and I will work hard for it. As I said before, I came here with a vision of hard work and good preparation. I hope to be able to serve my teammates. Help with the coach. I hope to put all my hard work and hard work into the stadium and achieve great achievements with Manchester United."


"I am very looking forward to being able to participate in the game again, and I am very excited. God bless me, as a shooter, I can also score goals. This is important for everyone and myself. For the fans, for everyone."


"So, as I said, I really want to start training to get me ready to score goals so that we can all enjoy them and have a good time together."


"Yes, I consider myself a team player. I believe we all need to help each other. Usually, when you work as a team, you can make it easier to succeed and achieve your goals."


"I think nothing is more important than being able to run for your teammates or being able to do things for your teammates. Everyone has to help each other, and as long as you have time, you must work hard to run for your teammates."

“我认为没有什么比能够为队友奔跑或能够为队友做事更重要的了。每个人都必须互相帮助,只要有时间,就必须努力为队友奔跑。 ”

"So, for me, this is the whole meaning of the game. It is a combination of different things. For this, you must show the spirit of teamwork on the court, and you must make a commitment. This is what I want to work hard. Did it."


"As a forward, I often have to complete an action to change the opportunity. Sometimes I miss the opportunity. Because, as a forward, we always try our best, but sometimes things get messed up."


"But again, my thoughts and beliefs have always been the same as I mentioned before. We must consider the team as a whole, and insist on teamwork and achieve a win-win situation."


"I think there is no better suggestion than simply working hard on the football field or training class. Because you can't just stand on the field to win."


"Victory starts on the training ground, and then starts to win the game through preparations. For this, you need to start working a few days before the game."


"I think sometimes you can use your own abilities to lead by example to show something, and sometimes you don't even need to speak."


"But I think it depends on everyone's thinking and their desire to grow and improve as a player, and what they really want to win and compete."


"As I told you, I am here to do my best. I am here to provide the team and coach with some of my experience, and I am ready, and I am willing to do my best. it is good."


"This is my goal after arriving here, and I hope to be able to help my teammates. After that, it depends on everyone, what they want to take on and what they want to leave for themselves. This is what I have for football. view."


"These are the pleasant things that football can bring you. When a player with such strength and influence on the field evaluates you in this way, I really appreciate his evaluation of me. I am also Thank him on social media."


"He replied to me, and his reply also showed his kindness and recognition of me as a footballer. These are the beautiful things that football brings, and you can benefit from them. They are very useful for inspiring your future development. "


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